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I am one of the founders of AI Saturdays Lagos, an artificial intelligence community in Lagos, Nigeria where we offer free-to-attend classes on Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for sixteen (16) consecutive Saturdays through structured study groups. AI Saturdays Lagos is arguably the largest AI community in Nigeria and in the past two (2) years, we have been honored to produce alumni in various academic institutions and IT industries.

I am passionate about Artificial Intelligence and its potential to improve life without opening up or exacerbating inequalities but to do this, I believe that locations in which AI is done will have to be widened and ambitious goals to democratize AI education will need to be set. This would allow for a broader audience to discuss and contribute to the success of an AI-enabled world. My team and I are focused on bridging this gap of Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria through our AI Saturdays Classes.

I am currently undertaking a Master's degree in Computer Science at Saarland University and my research interest is in the intersection of security, privacy, and Machine Learning. If you would like to learn about my past project in this domain, I recommend that you check the Networking App, "Seren" my team and I at InstaDeep Nigeria built while I worked as an AI Software Engineer & Technical team lead. For a broader understanding of my research interest, I recommend that you check out

On the volunteering side, I am one of the organizers of Machine Learning for the Developing World (ML4D) - a NeurIPS workshop. I also serve as Mentors every once-in-a-while, the recent being the 2020 Ventures Platform COVID-19 innovation challenge where I mentored the Gloepid team. It was a exciting one (week) of working with an incredible team and a great honor for me. I have also had the pleasure of serving as an Intel Software Innovator for Machine Learning in Nigeria since 2017, I am mostly recognized for my work at AI Saturdays Lagos which has won me the Intel Top Innovator award twice-in-a-row (2018 & 2019).

I am indeed honored to be recognized globally for my work at AI Saturdays Lagos by Fast Company, Intel Innovator spotlight Intel Developer Zone, Tech Women Lagos by TechCabal, TechCabal, AI4Dev.

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